Ways to Improve Your Computer Speed and Its Overall Performance

The slowness of your PC can result in a variety of ways. There is a need for you to improve your PC speed, in case it is running slowly. Hence, we are suggesting you ways to speed up your PC and improve its general performance:

  • Closing System Tray Programs
    Several applications incline to run in the notification area or system tray. Such applications frequently launch at startup and stop running in the background but stay concealed behind the up arrow icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Adjoining the system tray, click the up arrow icon and right-click any applications you don’t require running in the background, and close them to release resources.
  • Decreasing Animations
    Windows uses relatively limited animations, and such animations can make your PC appear a bit slower. For instance, Windows can maximize and minimize windows instantly in case you deactivate the related animations.
    To deactivate animations, click on Windows Key + X or right-click on the Start button and choose “System.” Then click on “Advanced System Settings” on the left and click the “Settings” button below Performance. Select “Adjust for best performance” below Visual Effects to deactivate all the animations, or choose “Custom” and deactivate the single animations you don’t wish to see.
    Speed Up Your PC
  • Increasing virtual memory
    Your computer uses Virtual memory space which is the memory used when running programs like Office Suites when it’s deprived of RAM (Random Access Memory). Rearranging the virtual memory usage on your PC, also known as pagination, is a great way to boost the speed of your computer.
  • Clearing internet cache and cookies
    Temporary Internet files upset browser speed and overall PC speed. Frequently cleaning the cookies and cache is a good way to increase your computer speed and performance.
  • Checking for spyware and viruses
    You need to do a thorough check for malware, spyware, and viruses like Trojan and worms, etc. It’s practically impossible not to catch a virus at some point while browsing the internet, hence downloading a strong antivirus or a complete security solutions software is a must for your PC. You should consider installing two kinds of software for monitoring the performance of your PC. Malware cleanup software can resolve lagging or hidden issues regarding speed or popups. Nevertheless, you must also look into applications that offer continuing protection and run in the background. Yet again, keep in mind that these antivirus programs consume space, so you want to select one that is intended not to affect performance.
  • Upgrade to an SSD Drive
    Lastly, you can try upgrading to an SSD drive. This will make your computer run quicker, but they are more costly and have generally less storage volume.
    Do not allow a slow PC to halt your productivity. Use the above methods to enhance your computer speed to keep your desktop and laptop machines running efficiently. You can also download a good PC Speeder tool to enhance the overall performance of your computer in one go.

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