List of Some Common Issues with Computer System

A computer system when its working fine is good to work on. But, computers being electronic devices can get malfunctioned easily. You can encounter multiple issues while working with a troublesome computer.

A lot of the common computer problems can be fixed easily. Some issues might need a proper resolution from an IT expert or the installation of particular software to address the issue. But, most issues which occur on a regular basis can be solved easily by you. The best part is that many problems with computers have simple solutions, and learning to identify an issue and fixing it yourself will save you a lot of time and money. We present you below the 8 common computer problems that you shouldn’t panic about:-

  • Computer Running Slow
    In case your computer is running slower than normal, you can often fix the problem merely by cleaning the hard disk of undesirable files. You can also install a PC Cleaner which provides clean my PC services, an anti-virus and anti-spyware tool. External hard drives are great storage solutions for relieving overburdened CPU’s, and will help your computer run faster.Clean my PC
  • Slower than usual Internet
    In order to enhance your Internet browser performance, you need to clear cookies and temporary Internet files regularly. In the Windows search bar, you have to type ‘%temp%’ and click on enter to open the temporary files folder.
  • Computer Startup issues
    A computer that abruptly shuts off or has difficulty starting up might have a dwindling power supply. Do check that your PC is plugged into the PowerPoint correctly and, in case that doesn’t work, test the power point with another working device to check whether or not there is sufficient power.
  • Oddly Functioning Operating System or Software
    In case the operating system or other software is either unresponsive or is acting up, then try restarting your computer and run a virus scan. To avoid having this happen, install trustworthy anti-virus software.
  • Windows is booting slowly
    A slow-booting PC is one of the most annoying computer problems you can encounter. There are many reasons as to why your PC is taking a long time to boot up — but the most common reason is that there are a lot of programs attempting to load up in the background when Windows starts.
    In case you find that your PC is still slow to boot, then you may want to check that you have the latest drivers and updates installed for your hardware.
  • Frozen Screen
    When your computer hangs, you may have no other option than to reboot and risk losing any unsaved work. Freezes can be an indication of inadequate ram, corrupt or missing files, registry conflicts or spyware. Press and hold the power button until the computer goes off, then restart it and get to work cleaning up the system so that it doesn’t freeze again.
  • Overheating
    If a computer case doesn’t have a satisfactory cooling system, then the computer’s components may start to create excess heat during operation. To avert your PC from burning itself out, turn it off and let it rest in case it’s getting hot. Furthermore, you can check the fan to make sure it’s working correctly.
  • Blue Screen Error
    Blue Screen Error also commonly known as “Blue Screen of Death” is a Microsoft Windows-related STOP error. Usually, it indicates a system crash, most likely hardware- or driver-related.
    It’s often followed by an error code that you can reference to find out what happened.

One best solution for solving such issues is to download a PC cleaner that will help in cleaning your PC and increasing speed of your system.

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