Function and Importance of Registry Cleaner

Purpose of a Registry Cleaner

A registry cleaner is a 3rd party Windows utility software whose sole aim is to clean up the Windows registry and keep the system fast and free of potential errors. It helps in eliminating redundant items like the registry files of previously uninstalled software or shortcuts to help speed up your PC.
Registry is an important factor for the stability, consistency, and performance of a computer. Many of the computer issues are caused by system registry errors.

About Windows Registry

Windows registry plays an important role in storing the initial configuration settings as keys and values in your system whenever you install a software program/ application, hardware or a device driver for a newly connected hardware. Throughout the usage of the hardware or software, the alterations made to these configurations are updated in the registry. Moreover, the modifications made to Control Panel settings, Windows components, file associations and more, throughout the use of the computer, are updated in the registry.

Problems with Registry and how they affect your PC

The Windows Registry keeps storing a large number of annoying, outdated, and incorrect data that are regularly left by uninstalled programs. The most common reasons for buildup of the junk entries are:

  •  Uninstalling and installing software programs, especially photo, video, audio, graphics and games software regularly;
  • Changing Control Panel settings regularly;
  • Browsing through Internet sites that spontaneously install components like Active X and retrieving unsolicited mails with malicious attachments;
  • Adding lots of programs into the system;
  • Installing programs with implanted spyware;
  • Trojan horses, Viruses and key loggers and so forth;
  • Modifying hardware, joysticks, monitor, hard disk, memory, printer or scanner regularly;

The buildup of so many junk entries over time escalates the size of the registry and makes it corrupted and fragmented.

registry cleaner

This all leads to:

  • Fall in the performance of the computer system.
  • A decline in stability.
  • Decline in reliability.
  • System crash. Undue damage to the Registry can even make the system unbootable.

Why we need a Registry Cleaner

After the use over an extended period of time, volume and complexity of the registry database increases and hence there is a need for a registry cleaner to enhance performance and for better use of computers. For an ordinary computer user, it is not trouble-free to do a clear out of void entries, broken or null link registry entries, and lost references physically. Usually, it becomes unfeasible to identify and erase the sheer volume of entries. Furthermore, it will be tiresome to find the entry in question so it is much better to have a routine registry repair and cleaning utility for Windows whether it is 7 or 10 or for any other version.

Windows registry repair and cleaner incorporates wide-ranging technologies to scan and repair registry malfunctions. In case there are idle and worthless entries in your PC’s registry that amassed over the past usage due to unsuccessful software installations, past driver installation, faulty installations, etc., registry cleaner repairs the issue within a few minutes. It neatly plots all the corrupt entries of the Windows registries and increases the Windows startup time. It means that now you don’t have to hang around for long to let all the essential programs to load on your PC. As there are no idle and corrupt entries left there in the registry, your PC will be all set to work in a matter of seconds.

There are a lot of registry cleaners available in both paid and free versions Download you can choose from. But the free version doesn’t incorporate advanced technology to identify and get rid of all corrupt entries in the registry. Alongside that, they also remove old memory log files and dumps. Along with offering great features, registry cleaners also give support for a range of Windows versions along with Mac and build a backup file prior to making any changes to the registry.

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